How to get the best price for my home

How to get the best price for my home

When you are looking for the right real estate agent to represent you, remember that you must do your bit as well. Great marketing can help your house sell, but the small things you do on open day or when potential buyers come through can really help the sales.

Here’s our top tips on what to do to help the sale of your home, house or property.

 1. Declutter

Just because you love it, doesn’t mean everyone else does. When people buy a home, they buy the potential. So, they need to be able to envisage ‘their bed’, ‘their lounge’ in your home. They need to see the potential your space can offer them. They can’t do this if you have all your junk (oops sorry, valuable possessions) laying around everywhere. So, make sure you hide away all your treasured keepsakes and get all surfaces nice and clutter free.

(think display home)

2. Make it inviting

Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly baked cake or loaf of bread? If you are not Nigella in the kitchen, then make sure you have a coffee or cinnamon scented candle burning a few hours before show time. Baking smells like vanilla and cinnamon are best because others can just make it smell like the loo!

And if you can, a couple of well placed bunches of flowers works wonders.

3. Clear the Hallways and walkways

You might like navigating Rexy’s latest doggie toys or grandma’s floor lamps, but your potential homebuyers don’t want to. Nor do they want to crab crawl through the living room to get to the kitchen. If you are stuck with lots of furniture in a small space, store it or get rid of it. Creating nice easy pathways to each room will make your home look bigger and easier to navigate.

4. Highlight the good and hide the bad

If you have a great fireplace, then highlight it with a great light or painting. Love that benchtop in the kitchen, then put out a beautiful bowl of glossy fruit. Want everyone to focus on the view then draw them out with a beautiful plant or focus light near the outdoor setting. It’s important to work out what your home’s good points are and then highlight, highlight, highlight.

5. Clean

Get a friend or family member you can trust to tell you the truth and ask them to walk through your home and tell you what needs cleaning, so you can add that extra sparkle. Make sure your windows are cleaned and all your glass work including mirrors are sparkling clean. Your sink should be shining too as well as your shower screen. And don’t forget the fans and ceiling lights. If you are a dog or cat family, make sure that your home doesn’t smell like them. You’re used to the smell, so ask someone who visits irregularly to tell you the truth.

Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the buyers to walk in. Your real estate agent will have heaps more ideas for you on how to get the best from your biggest investment, so listen to their advice when selling your home. They are the experts in home, residential or property sales – so listen.

And remember, when you are selling your home, use a local real estate agent because they are the people that know the area best. Look for real estate signs in your local area, see which real estate agents are selling in your area and approach a local real estate agent to help you sell your property.

Use a local and get the best results.

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