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Trailers, Parts & Repairs is a Gold Coast based business specialising in helping you get you and your gear on the road. Whether you need to purchase a new trailer, replace some parts on one you already own or get us to repair yours – we’ve got you covered.

'Our humble family business started in my Dad Rod Walsh’s backyard shed in Currumbin. What started out as a hobby helping people repair their trailers turned into a very busy little home business. It wasn’t long before Dad became well known around Currumbin as that great guy on Galleon Way who fixes trailers..... and if you were there at closing time you would be offered a beer and a chair for a wind-down chat around the fire. My Dad loves to help everyone and once you meet him, you walk away feeling like you’ve known him forever. His knowledge and strive for perfection are second to none and along with his knack for inventing solutions has him producing some unique trailers for our customers.
To say his family are proud of him is an understatement. He is one of a kind and a true gentleman.
Once Dad outgrew the shed, we decided to open a retail shop in Currumbin stocking all manner of trailer and boat trailer parts such as:
  • box trailers
  • boat trailers
  • assembled axles, lazy hubs, disc brakes, leaf springs, LED lights, wheels, wheel holders, U Bolts, hinges, washers, brake calipers
  • winches, boat trailer fittings, jockey wheels, wobble rollers
We are still repairing, modifying and servicing trailers, however these days from our workshop on Villiers Drive, Currumbin,
Our experienced staff are well known for their exceptional service and friendly approach so please come in and say hello and let us help you with all your trailer and caravan needs.
x Kim'

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